Nanoparticles make their way into a broad range of products and help to optimise everyday life, but the tiny particles can also end up taking their toll on our health. Within the project consortium, CheckNano supported by Interreg5a, we will test products for possible harmful particles.


Photonic Materials Cloud article published

Photonic Material Cloud article published and PMCloud available online.

Our nanoparticle test kit

With a Nanoparticle separation kit (NanoSeK) we have the methodology and design of a cheap and easy to produce test for nanoparticles down to 20 nm. For each size range, a different type of PDMS imprint is necessary.

A three-year project paves the way to new scientific investigations

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Checknano brochure in three languages

If you like to know more about the different efforts we took to detect nanoparticles on a general level for […]