Nanoparticles make their way into a broad range of products and help to optimise everyday life, but the tiny particles can also end up taking their toll on our health. Within the project consortium, CheckNano supported by Interreg5a, we will test products for possible harmful particles.

Lab-on-chip (LoC) nanoparticle sorting

The analysis of nanoparticles (NPs) in biological matrices poses many challenges when trying to sample specific particles. We explored various […]

De-polarized dynamic light scattering by silver nanoparticles

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) (also known as photon correlation spectroscopy) is one of the most widely used techniques for the […]

BHJ awards were given to scientists in Sønderborg

Researcher Roana M. de Olivera Hansen from Nanosyd received this years Innovation Award. One of South Jutland’s big humanitarian and […]

Project work in a condensed time – Mid-term evaluation and prolongation

This year’s evaluations had a tough time, the only advantage being that people were easier to reach. Despite all difficulties, CheckNano managed with ease.