The exhibition ‘Nano, keine Kleinigkeit’ allows insights into the nanoworld for non specialists

At NanoSYD in Sønderborg we have various projects that deal with nanotechnology. It is an enabeling technology and our modern world relies in many ways on it and not only within chip-technology.
But what do laymen think about it? Do they have an understanding what it is about? Prof. Dr. Peter Heering, Europauniversität Flensburg, a collaboration partner, says “ In the society the dominating opinion is: Nano is dangerous”.
Here at TEK in Sønderborg we have a project that deals explicitly with the risks that go along with silver nanoparticles below approx. 50 nm as they enter cells and trigger cytotoxic processes that destroy the cells. This offers possibilities in e.g. medicine but also unwanted effects where silver nanoparticles are used as an antimicrobial protection for food. The project is called CheckNano (www.checknano.eu) and is supported by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark. It aims to develop a fast test for toxic nanoparticles.
The exhibition draws the attention to both aspects of nanotechnology, the possibilities that go along with it as well as the risks and CheckNano is also part of it. In 10 stations and many exhibits visitors will be able to explore effects of the nanoworld with hands on experiments and get a better understanding what it is about.
The exhibition is a joint effort of Europauniversität Flensburg, SDU Sønderborg and the science center Phänomenta in Flensburg. There is the chance to visit it until November 30 in Flensburg. It is planned to continue at Universe in Nordborg next year.