interviews Jacek Fiutowski in an article about the save use of nanoparticles. He mentions some of the advantages of nanoparticles and some possibly hazardous effects of nanoparticles on cells. He points out that the research in a laboratory is different from the conditions in an open environment. In the project CheckNano, we observed that silver nanoparticles aggregate or dissolve in a complex environment like food within a short time.
It is also important to know how many particles enter the body. It is crucial to know the dose when the particles are hazardous for the body. But it is unknown how many particles enter the body from packaging and how long they survive inside the body.
The interview is complemented by research done at the national centre for the work environment. They studied Titaniumdioxid nanoparticles in the air because they are widely used in paints. It can be said that it is dangerous to work with nanoparticles in spray form.
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