With a Nanoparticle separation kit (NanoSeK) we have the methodology and design of a cheap and easy to produce test for nanoparticles down to 20 nm. For each size range, a different type of PDMS imprint is necessary. The product is a consumable at a low price, making it affordable for each analytical laboratory.
It is suitable for production, packaging and laboratory analytics dedicated to particle sizes below 100 nm.

The kit is usually inserted between two other units, a pre-separation unit (e.g., a syringe of a field flow fractionation (FFF) microfluidic filter) and a detection unit for the separated nanoparticles, which can be a conventional microscope with a simple spectroscopic unit.
The benefits of the method lie in an easy-to-use kit for nanoparticles separation combined with a standardized spectroscopic method. This enables analytical laboratories and also production lines to apply a cheap test for the nano sizes they want to check. As nanoparticles attract increased attention also as pollutants in natural environments our test kit serves a growing market.
We hope to partner with an interested company to commercialize the test kit.
For more details, please contact Jacek Fiutowski.