Nanotechnology is a cross-over technology that will radically change or redefine all known technologies and markets in the 21st century.
The positive effects go hand in hand with a risk potential, which restricts the application of nanotechnology in the cosmetics or food industry. In particular: Nanoparticles below a critical size can penetrate natural cell barriers and produce cytotoxic effects. Extensive studies in recent years have shown that toxicity, in addition to size, also depends on the shape of the nanoparticles.

Accurate size selection of the particles allows a relatively simple distinction between hazardous and non-hazardous nanoparticles. Since the detection of nanoparticles of this small size is particularly difficult in complex media such as food, there is no such test system to date. At this point the project CheckNano starts. The project combines the acquired competencies of nanotechnology (SDU NanoSYD, SDU NanoOptics), biotechnology and food technology (Hochschule Flensburg) and sensor technology (R & D Center Kiel GmbH, Coherent GmbH, Neplipp IVS) in an interdisciplinary way to create a new, fast and reliable test for the identification of essential toxic nanoparticles.