Our work on the Photonic Materials Cloud has recently been published as an open-access feature paper in Nanomaterials MDPI.

We introduce the Photonic Materials Cloud (PMCloud), a web-based, interactive open tool for designing and analyzing photonic materials. PMCloud allows the identification of the subtle differences between optical material models generated from a database, experimental data input, and inline-generated materials from various analytical models. Furthermore, it provides a fully interactive interface to evaluate their performance in important fundamental (numerical) optical experiments. We demonstrate PMCloud’s applicability to state-of-the-art research questions, namely the comparison of the novel plasmonic materials aluminium-doped zinc oxide and zirconium nitride and the design of an optical, dielectric thin-film Bragg reflector. PMCloud opens a rapid, freely accessible path towards prototyping optical materials and simple fundamental devices and may serve as an educational platform for photonic materials research.

Check out the Photonic Materials Cloud (PMCloud): https://app-photonicmaterials.cloud.sdu.dk/

The article showcases PMClouds capabilities and comes with a supplementary tutorial article to get started with PMCloud.

Many thanks to Matiyas K., Søren Petersen, Alireza Shabani, Neda Rahmani, and Yogendra Kumar Mishra for helping realize PMCloud!
Jost Adam