CheckNano: Nanoparticle detection also for plastics

This will be the final conference of the CheckNano project and we run it as a physical event in Sønderborg.

We discuss the discrimination of very small nanoparticles, in the order of a few ten nanometers, and small nanoparticles. Filtration and enrichment steps are equally necessary as optical in-line detection methods to do the task. Detection of plastic particles in the environment are topic of the second part.

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BioBarriers 2021

The interfaces of the outer epithelial (skin, GI, and lungs) as either target tissue or barrier for non-invasive drug delivery are the central topic and connect research on delivery technologies and complex in vitro models. Our target audience comprises early-stage researchers as well as expert scientists and professionals from academia and industry.
The program combines international experts presenting their views and latest results with opportunities for contributed presentations or flash talks. Traditional sessions with invited and contributed talks are supplemented by an interactive session where participants can get in contact with each other and discuss with the experts.
Online Registration open – free registration – slots for contributed presentations
CALL for ABSTRACTS – submission deadline 15 July 2021
virtual BioBarriers

Sensor applications based on nano- and microtechnologies

We invite you to an inspiring day online.

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Our speakers:

Prof. Yogendra Kumar Mishra (SDU, Denmark)
Smart Materials for nano-sensing

Dr. Fabian Lofink (Fraunhofer ISIT, Germany)
Microtechnology enabled sensing solutions

Dag Winther Svendsen (Product Manager, Abena Holdings, Denmark)
Intelligent healthcare products with integrated sensors and real-time data collection

Lars Blohm (Managing Director, Campton Diagnostics, Germany)
Point-of-care rapid disease diagnostics

Prof. Jacek Fiutowski (SDU, Denmark)
The CheckNano approach: Toolbox for sensing of nanoparticles

Dr. Coline Bretz (Global Sales and Marketing, LS Instruments, Switzerland)
Reliable nano-systems characterization with next-generation light scattering techniques

Dr. Christoph Johann (Product Manager, Wyatt Technology, Germany)
New developments in asymmetrical Flow-FFF for the characterization of nanoparticles in dilute suspensions.