Sensor applications based on nano- and microtechnologies

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Our speakers:

Prof. Yogendra Kumar Mishra (SDU, Denmark)
Smart Materials for nano-sensing

Dr. Fabian Lofink (Fraunhofer ISIT, Germany)
Microtechnology enabled sensing solutions

Dag Winther Svendsen (Product Manager, Abena Holdings, Denmark)
Intelligent healthcare products with integrated sensors and real-time data collection

Lars Blohm (Managing Director, Campton Diagnostics, Germany)
Point-of-care rapid disease diagnostics

Prof. Jacek Fiutowski (SDU, Denmark)
The CheckNano approach: Toolbox for sensing of nanoparticles

Dr. Coline Bretz (Global Sales and Marketing, LS Instruments, Switzerland)
Reliable nano-systems characterization with next-generation light scattering techniques

Dr. Christoph Johann (Product Manager, Wyatt Technology, Germany)
New developments in asymmetrical Flow-FFF for the characterization of nanoparticles in dilute suspensions.