Photonic Materials Cloud article published

Photonic Material Cloud article published and PMCloud available online.

Our nanoparticle test kit

With a Nanoparticle separation kit (NanoSeK) we have the methodology and design of a cheap and easy to produce test for nanoparticles down to 20 nm. For each size range, a different type of PDMS imprint is necessary.

A three-year project paves the way to new scientific investigations

The end of a project, but the start of many new ideas Nanosilver particle detection via a fast test was […]

Checknano brochure in three languages

If you like to know more about the different efforts we took to detect nanoparticles on a general level for […]

CheckNano: Nanoparticle detection also for plastics

We invite you to our final event to introduce you to our path in detecting very small nanoparticles and discriminate […]

NIBS conference with Business Development Forum

The NIBS conference (nanotechnology and innovation in the Baltic Sea area) from 4-6 August offered three days of exchange between […]

Brochure on CheckNano ready

Our brochure for the project CheckNano is ready for use! It gives an overview in a format meant for non-specialists. […]

Sensor applications based on nano-and micro-technologies

With more than 100 online participants this event attracted a lot of specialists in the field. The presentations covered an […]

Template assisted particle assembly as an innovative route for fast sensing

In the CheckNano project, we have developed two alternatives and scalable approaches to engineer multi-scale particle arrays, based on capillary […]

Nanoparticle detection with imaging techniques

At CCM ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, they develop a method to distinguish nanoparticles from images taken in darkfield microscopy. The aim is […]

Sensor applications based on nano- and microtechnologies

On 16 June, we welcome seven committed speakers to our event. They will introduce us to a part of the […]

Interview with Jacek Fiutowski in interviews Jacek Fiutowski in an article about the save use of nanoparticles. He mentions some of the advantages of […]

Lab-on-chip (LoC) nanoparticle sorting

The analysis of nanoparticles (NPs) in biological matrices poses many challenges when trying to sample specific particles. We explored various […]

De-polarized dynamic light scattering by silver nanoparticles

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) (also known as photon correlation spectroscopy) is one of the most widely used techniques for the […]

BHJ awards were given to scientists in Sønderborg

Researcher Roana M. de Olivera Hansen from Nanosyd received this years Innovation Award. One of South Jutland’s big humanitarian and […]

Project work in a condensed time – Mid-term evaluation and prolongation

This year’s evaluations had a tough time, the only advantage being that people were easier to reach. Despite all difficulties, CheckNano managed with ease.

SDU Nanoparticle-Light Interaction Calculator

The SDU Nanoparticle-Light Interaction Calculator is an interactive dashboard that combines the functionality of the database with scattering calculations. […]

Truslerne fra mikrouniverset

An article from NyViden (June 2020), SDUs journal of science at the university, puts light on the different ways we […]


Prince Gupta visited the Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, for training and hand-on experience on capillary force assisted nanoparticle self-assembly […]

CPHNANO is a new cooperation partner for CheckNano

CPHNANO is a new cooperation partner of CheckNano. The company in Lyngby develops new ways to execute simple laboratory experiments […]