NIBS conference with Business Development Forum

The NIBS conference (nanotechnology and innovation in the Baltic Sea area) from 4-6 August offered three days of exchange between […]

Brochure on CheckNano ready

Our brochure for the project CheckNano is ready for use! It gives an overview in a format meant for non-specialists. […]

Sensor applications based on nano-and micro-technologies

With more than 100 online participants this event attracted a lot of specialists in the field. The presentations covered an […]

Template assisted particle assembly as an innovative route for fast sensing

In the CheckNano project, we have developed two alternatives and scalable approaches to engineer multi-scale particle arrays, based on capillary […]

Nanoparticle detection with imaging techniques

At CCM ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, they develop a method to distinguish nanoparticles from images taken in darkfield microscopy. The aim is […]

Sensor applications based on nano- and microtechnologies

On 16 June, we welcome seven committed speakers to our event. They will introduce us to a part of the […]

Interview with Jacek Fiutowski in interviews Jacek Fiutowski in an article about the save use of nanoparticles. He mentions some of the advantages of […]

Lab-on-chip (LoC) nanoparticle sorting

The analysis of nanoparticles (NPs) in biological matrices poses many challenges when trying to sample specific particles. We explored various […]

De-polarized dynamic light scattering by silver nanoparticles

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) (also known as photon correlation spectroscopy) is one of the most widely used techniques for the […]

BHJ awards were given to scientists in Sønderborg

Researcher Roana M. de Olivera Hansen from Nanosyd received this years Innovation Award. One of South Jutland’s big humanitarian and […]

Project work in a condensed time – Mid-term evaluation and prolongation

This year’s evaluations had a tough time, the only advantage being that people were easier to reach. Despite all difficulties, CheckNano managed with ease.

SDU Nanoparticle-Light Interaction Calculator

The SDU Nanoparticle-Light Interaction Calculator is an interactive dashboard that combines the functionality of the database with scattering calculations. […]

Truslerne fra mikrouniverset

An article from NyViden (June 2020), SDUs journal of science at the university, puts light on the different ways we […]


Prince Gupta visited the Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, for training and hand-on experience on capillary force assisted nanoparticle self-assembly […]

CPHNANO is a new cooperation partner for CheckNano

CPHNANO is a new cooperation partner of CheckNano. The company in Lyngby develops new ways to execute simple laboratory experiments […]

Responsible Research and Innovation – a journey to co-creation

Co-creation is a way to help innovations that society needs. It is foreseeable that coming EU funding programmes will focus more on this topic after having focused on company participation in the development process.

Networkday on Nanotoxicology

We had a great Network day with guest speakers Frank Kjeldsen from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, SDU […]


Nano, what is that?

The exhibition ‘Nano, keine Kleinigkeit’ allows insights into the nanoworld for non specialists At NanoSYD in Sønderborg we have various […]

BHJ young researcher award to Jacek Fiutowski

Jacek Fiutowski, is awarded this years BHJ foundation young researcher award. He gets the award for his outstanding publications and […]

Industry of the future – Industrialisation and automation for your company

CheckNano was represented at this fair at SDU. The nano fast test can be part of new industrial production lines. […]